Tuesday, 12 April 2011

New Collaboration FF: In Canada?? Here Comes The Drama!!

SHINee is sick of being mobbed by fans wherever they go.  Finally, S.M. Entertainement offers SHINee to take a one week vacation from their busy schedules. They decided upon traveling to Canada hoping that this peacefully queit country will offer the peace and quiet they clearly deserve. What happens when they arrive in Canada? Will they finally get the break they deserve or will their lives become more hectic when they find that Canada has a strong fanbase for them as well?
Park Hye Rin (a.k.a Rainia):

  • Very loud and energetic to people who she is close with, shy and only nods to strangers
  • Outgoing, and social but can be extremely shy at the same time
  • Extremely violent when with Hye Su
  • Smiles all the time even if she wants to cry.
  • Lives by the motto: Smiling Can Solve Everything
Kim Hye Su (a.k.a. Suzy):

  • Honest SHINee fan
  • Outgoing and social to everyone
  • Very talkative
  • Treats people how they treat her
  • Sweet towards those who are worthy of being treated with respect and violent to those who are not
Lee Jinki (Onew):
Kim JongHyun:
Kim KiBum (Key):
Choi Minho:
Lee Taemin:

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