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Make Way For 2x4ever The Profiles Of Leaders & Lead Vocalist

Profile of the Baby Face Leader [Park Hye Rin]

Name (Stage Name): Park Hye Rin (Raina)
Company: SM Entertainment
Gender: Female
Ethnic: Half Korean & Half Japanese
Birthday: July 19, 1993
Position: LEADER, Lead Vocal, Sub Rapper, and Lead Guitar
Musical Skills: Sings, Raps, Dances, Plays Lead Guitar, Bass and drums

Height in Respect With the members: Shortest Member (155cm)

  • Korean [Fluent]
  • Japanese [Fluent]
  • Cantonese [Fluent]
  • Mandarin [Average]

Personality :
She is a happy bubbly person, who makes friends with almost everyone she meets.  She seems really friendly but she is not too forgiving when you lie to her and hurt anyone who is important to her.  She is very protective over things that mean a lot to her like her family and group mates.
She is usually a very carefree type of person to people she trust.  Once you lose her trust there is almost no going back, that's the end of your friendship.
She seems very clueless and innocent in she is very observant and complex.  If she hates you she will hunt you down and make your life hell.  She is no where near being a push-over, she seems like it since she like to give people chances over and over again but when you push her into a corner she will show you she means business.  Once you see her alter ego there is no turning back, she will hate you forever and will never forgive you.

Appearance &Style:

She has a baby face that can still match any edgy, bad girl style you put on her.  Her appearance often makes people mistaken her as the youngest.  She prefers comfortable loose fitted clothing.  She prefers rocker chic but due to her baby face it tends to look weird.

  • Make alot of random sounds when it is too quiet [tapping her nails against the table or clicking her tongue];
  • She would buy a new necklace or ring whenever she is upset, whether it is after a stressful work or training day or even just cause she misses her parents;
  • After a job that requires makeup she feels empty if she finishes her job and leave with no make up;
  • She would also sing or dance her frustrations away;
  • Everything needs to be in order, not schedule wise but placement wise [a book has to be in a certain position or placement] or she will feel really uncomfortable;
  • After photo shoots she has to wear makeup since it makes her feel safer

  • To cook and bake for everyone around her;
  • Blogs wherever she goes;
  • Take pictures whenever she finds something interesting [selcas or scenery];
  • Shopping [mainly for shoes and jewelry];
  • Finding new songs to challenge her voice abilities;
  • Make Up New Words
  • Write Song Lyrics
  • Cook & Eat
  • Blogging
  • Food
  • Taking Pictures
  • Being Loud [when around people]
  • Baking/Cooking
  • Rain {the weather} and other gloomy weathers
  • Peace an Quiet

  • Crying
  • Being Disturbed when thinking
  • Having to Wait
  • Being Demanded What to do
  • Silence

Years of Training: 1 year with JYP and 1 year with SM
Predebut Jobs : modeling, acted in a CF
How were you discovered?
She was modeling for a clothing line with Super Junior. Super Junior's manager saw potential within her so her requested S.M.  enhanced more then just her training as a model. They started to expand her abilities in the other possible entertainment genres like dancing, acting, and singing.  She was able to pick up acting immediately while dancing was her weakness. She fell in love with singing and decided to make that her new goal to achieve along with her international modeling goal.
Trainee Life:
She auditioned for JYP, at the age of 15, hoping to be an international model.  She auditioned with her best friend.  They both got accepted to be trainees.  After one year, she realized that her cousin auditioned for S.M. and made it in as well.  Her cousin asked her to join him, without any hesitation she left.  Her sudden leave affected her friendship with this friend.

Celebrity Friends:
SHINee Taemin, Key
  • Blood Type: O
  • Favorite Color: Charcoal Grey
  • Favorite Animal: Lion
  • Favorite Sports: Swimming, Basketball, and Aerobatics
  • Favorite Past Times:
    • Competing with others in sports or video games
    • Shopping (in mall or online)
    • Cooking
    • Training her voice
    • Can play the guitar, bass and drums
  • She can hear a song once and be able to memorize the tune, but she only remembers the lyrics after the second time.  She can remember the choreography instantly as well.
  • She loves being in charge but she hates planning.
  • Cousin Of MinHyung
  • Personal FanClub Name :Fallen Angels
  • Favorite Color :Violet
Profile of the Charismatic Leader [Lee JinHwa]

Name (Stage Name): Lee JinHwa (Nate)
Company: YG Entertainment
Gender: Male
Ethnic: Korean
Position: LEADER, Lead vocal, Bass, and Sub-Dancer
Musical Skills: Sings, Raps, Dances, Plays Lead Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Keyboard
Height in Respect With the members: Shortest Male Member, 4th Tallest Overall (175 cm)
Personality :
Most people's first impression of him is that he is an innocent teenager.  He prefers to keep his true feelings inside him, he only shows them to people he cares about.
He doesn't like to sit in the back seat and watch things happen.  he will take the blame if something messes up but he can't stand the fact of not doing anything.
He keeps his word to everything.  If he promises he won't help, he won't, he will only CONSIDER help you if you beg him.  This also makes him very stubborn.  He holds a strong will and doesn't give up very easily.
Even with all of these hard to live with qualities he is very kind hearted to all those he cares about, He will do anything for them.  He respects people who give it their all to reach their group, even if they are younger then him he will respect them just the same.  He also respects elders and everyone who is older then him but he is very fair.  If he doesn't agree with your point of view, he will no argument with you unless you force him to agree.
  • English [Fluent]
  • Korean [Fluent]
  • Japanese [Learning]
  • Cantonese [Basic]
  • Mandarin [Learning]
Birthday: March 25, 1993

Looks & Style:

He prefers the clean cut look as oppose to the ripped clothing look.  He prefers tight clothes as oppose to baggy clothes.  He likes to offer people the image that he is

He tends to answer people's questions by using his eyes rather then his words.  He would raise his eyebrows to indicate his confusion.
He tends to compose new songs whenever he is feeling emotional; he prefers to keep his feelings within himself.

  • Play the guitar
  • Play Sports with MinHyung
  • He composes songs and makes videos.
  • Pulling pranks on the people around him
  • Marital Arts or Fighting
  • Tasting new types of food
  • Working Out
  • Competing
  • Winning
  • Writing Music
  • Nature or True People

  • Losing
  • People Who give up half way through
  • Half Hearted people
  • Fake People
  • Heavy Makeup
How many years of Training: 2 Years
Predebut Jobs 
Radio DJ, Acting, Music Show MC
How were you discovered? 
He was performing in Seoul with an underground band, back then as the lead guitarist.  A YG scout came to him and his band mates asking them to audition.  He decided to try just for fun, he was the only one who made it through the auditions.
Trainee Life 
Since he was the only person in his group who made it as a trainee, his relationship with his friends did not go smoothly.  he was having a rough time at school as he didn't make friends that easily.  These feelings encouraged him to write songs with more then just a catchy beat.  He found out his best friend was also a trainee so along with his friend and his cousin.  The three of them would create songs together.  He decided to enhance his musical abilities by trying to take up singing, dancing,and rapping.  He was able to pick up singing the fastest then rapping.  Dancing was something that he could never really get the hang off but he persisted on practicing and after 3 months he was able to achieve all the basic dance moves.
Celebrity Friends:
Big Bang G-Dragon and Seungri
Super Junior Kim Heechul
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Ideal Type: A person who is caring to the people around her.  She has to have her own opinion, can't be a pushover.  She doesn't have to have the same values as him but has to have issues she stands for.
  • Part of Chocoball
  • Best Friend Of Park MinHyung
  • Cousin of F.T. Island Lee Hongki
  • Music Genre: RnB, Ballad, Hip Hop, Pop and Rock
  • Personal FanClub Name: UnTouchables
  • Favorite Color: Charcoal Grey


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