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Make Way For 2x4ever The Profiles Of Lead Rappers

Profile Of the Overprotective Rapper [Park MinHyung]
Name (Stage Name): Park MinHyung (Alex)
Company: SM Entertainment
Gender: Male
Birthday: April 23, 1993

Ethnic: Half Korean & Half Japanese

Position: Lead Rapper, Sub Dancer, Drummer
Musical Skills: Raps, Dances, Plays Drums and Keyboard
Height in Respect With the members: Tallest with Jae Sun (178cm)
  • English [Fluent]
  • Korean [Fluent]
  • Japanese [Fluent]
  • Mandarin [Fluent]
  • Cantonese [Average]
Personality :
He is a very caring to everyone around him, whether you know him or not.  He learns to forgive very easily as well since he believes that everyone deserves at least a second chance but if you ruin that chance...He might not do anything about it but his cousin , Hye Rin, will.
He is very true to the people who cares about him.  He will do anything to protect them even if it means sacrificing himself in the process.  He is a very true hearted person who will act exactly the way you treat him.  If you ignore him, he will never be the one who tries to patch the relationship but he does forgive easily so as long as he is not take the first step it's all good.  This is only an exception for his beloved cousin.  He will do anything for her and vice versa.

Looks & Style:




His taste in music is reflected through his taste in clothes.  He is very picky with his choice of clothes, he likes comfy clothes but they have to give him a touch of a bad boy vibe.  He hates wearing light colors since it can get dirty easily when he is playing sports
  • Compete with JinHwa (Gaming and Sports)
  • Cook With Hye Rin
  • Even ever he has free time he tries to learn a new song on his drums or keyboard.
  • He plays almost any sport, and is good at most of them.

Habits :
  • Lets out his stress by playing an intense game of soccer, or video games with his friends.
    When ever he is bored he will start to silencing rap.  He sometimes raps to practice but most of the time its just to pass the time.
    He tends to extremely nag and be over protect whenever Hye Rin is involved.

  • Cooking With His cousin
  • Winning
  • Playing Sports with his friends
  • Mastering a Song on the drums and keyboard
  • Composing Music

  • Having a Tie in a game
  • School Work
  • Clingy Girls [exception: Hye Rin]
  • playing the guitar or bass
  • Writing a Song

Years Of Training: 1.5 Years

Predebut jobs: Modeling, Radio DJ

How were you discovered? 
He was performing in Seoul with an underground band, back then as a drummer.  A YG scout came to him and his bandmates asking them to audition.  He didn't want to go into the entertainment industry at the time so he rejected the offer.  He was visiting his cousin at a job once, the male model bailed last minute so they asked him to fill in.  An S.M. scout came to him and offered him to train with them.  He only went with the condition that Hye Rin was scouted as will.  They condition was met so he joined S.M. Entertainment.

Trainee Life 
After he was scouted by S.M. he trained hard hoping to debut one day.  He tried varies areas from playing in a band to acting.  Only two things really appealed to him, it was playing instruments and being a DJ.  One day he was out Karaoking with Hye Rin and JinHwa.  He was forced to rap and was surprised that he got the hang of it so fast, so he decided to expand that area of music.

Celebrity Friends:
SHINee JongHyun, Minho
F(x) Amber
  • Blood Type: B
  • Ideal Type: Someone who will for him as much as he cares about her.  She needs to respect his parents and cousin.  She can’t just follow him blindly, he wants a give and take relationship.
  • Best Friends with Lee JinHwa since High School
  • Cousin of Hye Rin
  • Roommate with Hwan
  • Personal FanClub Name : Heartful Soul
  • Personal FanClub Color: Dark Green

Profile of the Stubborn Rapper Kim Hye Su [Congrantz To kaemeeoni]

Name (Stage Name): Kim Hye Su (Suu)
Company: JYP Entertainment
Gender: Female
Ethnic : Korean
Position: Lead Rapper, Sub Dancer, Plays Keyboard

Musical Skills: Raps, Dances, Plays the Keyboard
Height in Respect With the members: Same Height as Mi Yeon(165 cm)

  • English [Fluent]
  • Korean [Fluent]
  • Japanese [Average]
  • Mandarin [Average]
  • French [Basic & Learning]
  • Spanish [Basic & Learning]
Birthday: September 10, 1993

An honest and stubborn girl yet mischievous in her own special way. She is very outgoing and social to everyone around her; tends to treat others how they treat her. Sweet towards those who are worthy of being treated with respect and violent to those who are not. Protective and caring towards her beloveds (family & friends). When she sees something unreasonable, she has no fear in seeking out the resolution. She can become one feisty girl in a matter of minutes.

 Looks & Style:

She prefers the casual yet comfortable type of clothes. For example, hoodies and sweats/shorts are considered comfortable according to her style. She often wears glasses without prescription for fun, but that's only when she's at home.


Tends to twist a strand of hair unconsciously, kicks the heel part of the shoe when nervous and plays with fingernails when feeling awfully anxious before any performances. Raps/sings/dances when she is super bored.

  • Compose New Songs with Hye Rin's Lyrics
  • Rapping to verses/choruses of different songs randomly at home
  • taking a selca with her friends and cousins

Reading quietly in a non-crowded place, Blogging, Photography, Rapping/Singing, people whom are strong and not weaklings, Spring and Fall (season) as the weather becomes lovely in her point of view, Dancing

  • Being patient
  • Sees something unreasonable (stupid arguments between friends),

Years of Training: 2 years

Predebut Jobs: Appeared in several CFs, modeled for a clothing brand

How were you discovered?

She was auditioning to enter Cube Ent. to become a rapper and also to form a group with her friends. Unfortunately, they weren't accepted as a final applicant which drawn depression amongst the group of participants/friends. Luckily, Kim Hye Su was recognized to be a talented rapper and sub-vocalist by the founder of JYP Ent. She was then told to 'decide' whether or not she wants to label and train under JYP. At first, she was hesitant since she really wanted to get accepted into Cube Entertainment. But becoming a rapper/vocalist was her dream. In the end, she signed the contract and thus, she became a trainee under JYP Ent.

Trainee Life  :
She's been training with other trainees for the past couple of years and enjoyed the experience. She learned many new talents and further enhanced her skills through singing, rapping, dancing, modeling, and acting.

Celebrity Friends:
CL/Park Bom - 2ne1
Key - SHINee,

  • Best Friends with Hye Rin, Mi Yeon, and ______
  • Blood Type: O
  • Ideal Type: Someone who is stronger than her, has the ability to love/cherish and protect her through thick and thin
  • Favourite Sport: Basketball (main), other active sports such as volleyball and swimming
  • Fave Music Genre: RnB and Hip Hop
  • Enjoys: Music in general
  • Cousin of Kim Jonghyun from SHINee
  • Personal Fan Club Name: Social Butterflies
  • Personal Fan Club Color: Crimson/Orange

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