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Make Way For 2x4ever The Profiles Of Lead Dancers

Profile of the Soulful Dancer [Im Mi Yeon]

Profile of the Soulful Dancer [Im Mi Yeon] [Congrantz to xxkittyoo]
Name (Stage Name): Im Mi Yeon (Miyeon)
Company: YG Entertainment
Gender: Female

Ethnic: Korean
Position: Lead Dancer, Sub Vocal, Bass
Musical Skills: Sings, Dances, Plays Lead Guitar, Bass, and Keyboard
Height in Respect With the members: Same Height as Hye Su(165 cm)
  • Korean [fluent]
  • English [fluent]
  • Japanese [basic]
  • Mandarin [learning]

Birthday: November 24, 1993

Personality :
Miyeon is a very down to earth girl. She is not afraid to get down and dirty.
Denise is a very outspoken person, willing to stand up for people. This also makes her blunt and sometimes a little too honest.
She is quite understanding, knows the right thing to do at times and when not to talk.
Observant, Miyeon notices a lot that happens around her, but she keeps most of them to herself.

Looks & Style:

Miyeon is a huge fan of jeans and high tops. She does not have a fixed style and wears whatever you likes but the vibe she usually gives off with her clothes is urban chic. You'll probably not see her in a skirt or anything very girly. At home, a simple loose shirt and sweatpants or shorts is her usual look.

Habits :
Miyeon has a habit of biting her fingers. She loves to read and would always have a novel nearby. She can't stand messiness; always cleans up after people. Miyeon also sings in the shower. She get hungry often, therefore she has to bring a lunch box full of fruits and veggies around. She also has a habit of going out for early morning runs.
Miyeon enjoys surfing the Internet, playing MMOs, look for new songs, and catching up with lastest news and gossips. She enjoys window shopping; yes she doesn't buy. She likes to shop for food more.
She likes to play basketball and learn the latest dances.
Miyeon loves to eat and try her hand at cooking.
She likes to try on clothes - but doesn't buy. She loves to read outside when it's sunny, reading in general. Though she dislikes camping and bugs, she likes nature. Free-styling and learning new dances are also some of her likes.

She cannot stand bugs and insects. Miyeon also dislikes being confide into a room; she hates to sit still. She doesn't like candies; she has been a victim of numerous cavities. Pink is her least favorite color. She also dislikes being yelled at.
How many years of Training: 2 years
Predebut Jobs 
Miyeon used to work part time at her uncle's small cafe.
She participated in her school talent school's and drama productions. One of her friends decided to start a band called Elle Vybe and grabbed Miyeon to join.
How were you discovered? 
At the age of 14, she began to audition for multiple companies such as JYP and YG. For 2 years straight, she could not make it past the second last rounds of the companies. A YG scout happened to listen in one of Elle Vybe's performances and recognized Miyeon. They auditioned her again and Miyeon was able to train with YG.
Trainee Life 
Miyeon was admitted into YG at 15. There she trained daily on acting, singing and get to know other YG artists. Although dancing was not her forte or was she natural at it, she found a liking to it when she got a chance to perform on stage with her trainee group. From a small age, she had played the piano and she continued with her practice and try her hand at composing, which she is not skilled at.
Celebrity Friends :
  • Park Bom – 2NE1
  • Hyuna - 4minute
  • Suzy - missA
  • Blood Type: A
  • Ideal type: Someone that is funny and comfortable to be around with. The man has to be somewhat book-smart, but clumsy…in a cute way. He has to be a respectful, good listener and not quiet or else it’ll be awkward between them. Lastly, the guy needs to have a killer smile. (:
  • Type of Songs: her music varies; she has classical pieces like Beethoven and Mozart, but has rap and dance like Christina Aguilera.
  • She sings: ballads, and R&B.
  • She dances: urban hip hop, jazz.
  • Personal FanClub Name: DenIMs
  • Personal Fan Club Color : Cerulean
  • Read
  • Gaming with Hye Su and  Hwan


Profile Of The Prankster Maknae [Hwang Jae Sun]
Name (Stage Name): Hwang Jae Sun (Jaylen)
Company: JYP Entertainment
Gender: Male
Ethnic:  half Korean, half German
Position: MAKNAE, Lead Dancer, Sub Rapper, and Plays Drums
Musical Skills: Sings, Dances, Raps, Plays the Bass, and Drums
Height in Respect With the members: Tallest Member with MinHyung (180cm)
Birthday: December 29, 1993
  • German (Mother tongue)
  • Korean (Mother tongue)
  • English (Fluent)
  • Japanese (learning/Basic)
Jaylen is a Boy who is really Quiet and shy and don't talk to much but is always seen with a smile on his face....well that when you see him in front of Fans or in publicity.
When he is around the others he is a really cheerful boy who loves to play pranks.
Furthermore he is really concentrated and Focused on his dreams. He never gives up even if something didn't went the way he wants.
He really likes to dance and if you see him dancing he looks so much more mature than at home.
But he is also very lazy in the morning he didn't like to wake up early and don't like to clean.
If no one would wake him he would just sleep the whole day. That is a really big contrast against his way of practicing.

Looks and Style:
He has brown reddish hair and a slim body. He also has brown eyes. He is a cute face and can make pretty cute faces with it.

He likes to wear clothes with bat sleeves and comfortable clothes. He also likes to wear Caps and clothes that are eye-catching.

Habits :
·        biting his lips when nervous
·        sleeping all day long when not woken up
·        don't watching for others when playing games or dancing
  • pranking others like Scaring Hye Rin and Hye Suu
  • dancing
  • singing
  • Game with Mi Yeon and Hye Suu
  • reading
  • Cats
  • Musik
  • Guitarres
  • Dancing
  • Sweets
  • Sleeping

  • Rain
  • Bullying
  • Gossip
  • bashing
  • Crazy fans
Years of Training : 3 years

Predebut Jobs: modeling

How were you discovered 
he was discovered while doing a dance performance on a Street festival. Actually he didn't wanted to perform but his friends encouraged him and some guys from JYP discovered him.

Trainee Life:
In his 2 years of Training he was best in dancing. He always had fun in the dance training.
He was also good in singing but not soo good. He became quickly friend with the other trainees and helped them a lot.
He also got close with some Idols.

Celebrity Friends:
C.N Blue's Jongshin
SNSD's Yoona, Sunny and Seohyun
  • Blood Type B
  • Ideal Type: A girl who is funny and sweet.
  • Sings Ballades quiet well
  • Is best in Dancing
  • works in choreograohies
  • Personal FanClub Name: The Dance Steps
  • Personal FanClub Color: Lemon Green

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