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Make Way For 2x4ever The Profiles Of Jack of Trades

Profile Of the Bling Bling Maknae [Jung Sarang]

Name (Stage Name): Jung Sarang (Sarang)
Company: JYP Entertainment
Gender: Female
Ethnic: Mix of Korean and Japanese
Birthday: December 12, 1993
Position: Sub Rapper, Sub Dancer, Plays the Drums [Jack of All Trades]
Musical Skills: Raps, Dances, Plays Drums and Bass
Height in Respect With the members: Tallest Girl (170 cm)
  • Korean [Fluent]
  • Japanese [Fluent]
  • English [Fluent]
  • Chinese [Basic]
Sarang's personality is plain and simple. When people first meet her, they think she is kind of cold, quiet and hard to become friends with. However, slowly, they realize that Sarang is very friendly and open. She always puts others before herself, especially her family and friends. Most of the time, she is composed and quiet but she knows when to be loud and obnoxious. People think she is very fun at a gathering and party. Sarang is a people person; everyone tends to like her when they get pass the first impression.
She is confident in herself and her talents but she doesn't like to show it off. So, she's humble and loves to help people when others are struggling. Also, she has a kind heart and is very environmental. She doesn't like seeing things go to waste.
Looks & Style
To sum up her style, I would have to say she wears things more on a simple, casual, hip-hop style. Sarang loves bright and colourful clothes and things that are funky. So she’s less on the girl side, less frills and skirts.
  • Playing with her hair
  • Biting her lip when she’s nervous
  • Rolling her eyes (sarcastic)
  • Singing
  • Rapping
  • Dancing
  • Lyric writing
  • Shopping for new clothes
  • Watching movies at late night
  • Biking

  • Banana milk
  • Spicy rice cakes
  • Starbucks
  • Dinosaurs
  • Imitations
  • Listening to music
  • Sleeping

  • Moths (or insects of any sorts)
  • Running
  • Waking up early
  • People poking her
  • Eggplants

Years of Training: 3 years

Predebut Jobs: Modeling & Appeared in a CF and in 2PM’s MV

How were you discovered? 
One day after school, she and her friends were dancing in the streets when a song came on. They were having fun and Sarang was dancing and rapping along. An agent that was passing by noticed her talents, her beauty and her captivating personality. They wanted to sign her.

Trainee Life 
Sarang trained like the others with daily after school training. Since she was good at almost everything, her trainee life had her bouncing around different categories frequently instead of training really hard on one thing. Sarang's favourite was meeting people during her trainee life and she made strong bonds with other trainees.

Celebrity Friends:
f(x)- Amber
SHINee- Key
B2ST- Dongwoon

  • Blood Type: O
  • Personal FanClub Name: Forever Love (Fans: lovelies)
  • Personal Fan Club Color :Orange
  • Ideal type: Older boy that is gentle and super caring. But he has a little bad boy feel to him
  • She is wonderful at playing guitar and drums.
  • She sings best at RnB


Profile of The Nerdy Playboy [Kim Hwan]

Name (Stage Name): Kim Hwan (Jin)
Company: SM Entertainment
Gender: Male
Ethnic: Korean
Position: Sub Vocal, Sub Rapper, Plays Lead Guitar [Jack of All Trades]
Musical Skills: Sings, Raps, Plays Lead Guitar, Drums and Keyboard
Height in Respect With the members: Third Tallest Overall (178 cm)
Birthday: October 28, 1993
·        English [Fluent]
·        Korean [Fluent]
A typical guy who aims high for his dream-- which is to be in a idol group. He's a guy who wants to take everything seriously. He's  always serious when it comes to school-related stuff. But when all of those things is done, he's a party animal who'd go to the best restaurants in town with friends. Carefree, smart and.. a prankster. Yes. He tells jokes to random people. Devilishly handsome, he can get whatever he wants and can get away with almost everything. So he's spoiled and rich.He likes to improves himself in almost everything, singing to dancing and now to rapping. He plans to take acting classes when he's free.

Looks And Style
 He has short hair, unbelievably handsome and has kissable lips. A guy who looks younger than his age. Anyways, he has a small face and doesn't do much aegyo, hence his always serious face. ^_________^

A carefree guy who doesn't give a damn about the in-stuff. He likes to be unique & always wears a different concept everyday. Almost like the clothes GD wears during performances, but more formal like Infinite's clothes.[BTD's & Nothing's Over concept]he just likes to wear clothes that are comfy, baggy jeans and a plain tee is his pajamas. XD

  • Singing in the shower
  • Washes face in the morning
  • Sleep Talks
  • Random raps when bored.
  • Does random dance moves in his room when he's stumped or can't think of something.
  • Selcas
  • Reading
  • Studying
  • Eating the most delicious food in the country. [XD]
  • Basketball!
  • Secretly collects you-know-what. [HAHAHAHAHA; to make it interesting]
  • Playing the guitar
  • Practicing in the practice room dance moves, and thinking of new ones.
  • BIG BANG! ^.~
  • Chocolate
  • Pranks
  • Clowns
  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Acoustic versions of songs

  • Bugs.
  • PINK
  • Indifferent people
  • Annoying, talkative people
  • Getting interrupted during serious sessions of studying, etc.

Years of Training : 1 year

Predebut Jobs : model

How were you discovered? 
By accidentally singing during my break in a photoshoot. A friend of a S.M. staff heard me. And told them about it.

Trainee Life 
He's a hardworking guy and wouldn't stop until he perfected the dance steps and notes. His idol is none other Big Bang's TOP, so he's working hard to be a great rapper and a great singer like WheeSung.

Celebrity Friends:
2pm's Nickhun. ^_^
Beast's DooJoon
MBLAQ's Seungho
SHINee JongHyun

  • Sings Hip Hop the best, but his voice is shines more in Ballads
  • Personal FanClub Name: Ninjaz
  • Personal FanClub Color: Metallic Grey
  • Roommate of MinHyung

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